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Connect with your target audience

FOLLOW the Connect­First method

Turn On- & Offline conversational sales skills
into Strategic Instruments!


Learn to Keynote

Keep your audience on the edge of their chair? Remain top of mind with your message for days after? Learn how to be a Worldclass Speaker in one of our Masterclasses.


The Sales Conversation

Learn how to turn a Sales conversation into the ultimate customer experience. Become customer centric, defeat the competition, stay top of mind and build strong long-term relationships.

Build a Worldclass Team

The best teams are teams that are able to communicate effectively and clearly. With each other and with customers, suppliers, partners and candidates!

LinkedIn for Sales & Brand

Implement a 'Social Selling & Employer Branding’ mentality and thorouhly develop it. Add value and set yourself apart from the competition.


Closing with firm decency

'Closing' is often regarded as the most difficult part of sales. Because it 'didn't feel right at the moment’ - but tomorrow never comes! Learn more about how to confirm your assignment properly.


to connect & on- & offline with their target audiences.

Communication is the ­bedrock of ­society. Those who master communication, master their relationships and the business they built.

Stage Representation of your Business

Have your company ­represented at important ­events professionally. ­We love being your host, EmCee, Moderator, ­Chairman, master of ceremony, ­initiator / interviewer or speaker to make you convey a professional image.

Training Sessions




Questions Answered

Turn every & customer contact into a customer experience!

we train, coach and develop both the online & offline conversational skills of your sales representatives.

Strengthen your customer relations

Every touch point is an opportunity to connect. A chance to grow and strengthen your relationship with customers. The basis for a successful touch point is the power of communication.

It seems so simple, but how sure are you that you are always on the same wavelength? How do you ensure that every point of contact for your customers is a relief? How do you build really strong customer relations?

Losing your customer?

The relationship began so well! Unfortunately, along the way, something went wrong and recently the customer has become increasingly distant. They don't return your calls, e-mails go unanswered. What is wrong? Are they talking to the competition?You are losing them!

The key to avoiding this is your connection with the customer, to build confidence. You create trust by leaving no room for misunderstanding. Communicate clearly and distinctly!

How do you handle a 'No'.

Every salesperson knows this ancient mantra: “Sales start at "No!” But then what? How do you keep the customer engaged? Should you want to? What's the best possible outcome?

If you can't handle resistance or counterarguments easily and without compromising your integrity, your relationship with your client/customer will be short-lived!

The trick is to put the customer and his needs, pain and / or dreams center stage, reinvent the connection to your customer. Your success depends on your ability to communicate your empathy and ask (and know how to ask) the right questions!

The quality of a relationship is all-important. Relationships control the quality of your communication.

The Art of Sales starts at Connect First.

Reviews and ­recommendations

As Chairperson, moderator or EMCEE I practice what I teach others

Video report: Aragorn as chairman on A Day in Dance @ Mystery Land.

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